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Patient Portal

Ignore Science at your own peril. Diagnosis “Opioid Addiction” as a mental health disorder and you get an epidemic of citizens dying of a heart attack during opioid withdrawal. Dying by the millions. It’s not a mental health disorder. It’s damage to the DNA by a defective product, the opioids.

For more information about the Smith Hypothesis, and to share this information in social media, please the visit Smith Genetics Research website. 


A grassroots organization looking to be an effective voice to both federal and state governments To end the opioid crisis.

IMPORTANT: Medication Refills

  • Due to provider’s availability, any script sent to a pharmacy after hours might be delayed

  • Please keep in mind that pharmacies’ business hours and medication supply in stock are limiting factors. Even 24 / 7 pharmacies might not carry the medication you have been prescribed.

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Dr John McElligott - Live Session

Nov 16, 2022 11:00 AM EST

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If you were denied the filling of a prescription by your pharmacy AND you wish to move forward with a lawsuit  for a violation of your Civil Rights, please complete this form. By your signature, you are giving us permission to represent you in a legal action against the pharmacy.


If you feel you HOSPITAL / EMTALA rights were violated, that is to say, if you went to the hospital for help with either Opioid Withdrawal or Overdose AND YOU WERE NOT STARTED ON SUBOXONE/Buprenorphine, contact us immediately. It doesn’t matter how long ago this occurred.

Recommended Reads


If you are interested in reading the article mentioned during  our meetings “How one sentence helped set off the opioid crisis”  by Caitlin Esch, please click on the link below

The Implications of DNA Methylation for Toxicology: Toward Toxicomethylomics, the Toxicology of DNA Methylation
Increased OPRM1 DNA methylation in lymphocytes of methadone-maintained former heroin addicts

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