Monthly Toxicology Reminder

Toxicology Request

This is your scheduled monthly or random toxicology (drug test) request.  Please take a drug test from the supplies you have been provided.  Follow the directions provided.  Make sure the tip changes color which can take up to 15 minutes.  Make sure the vial is screwed closed before mailing.  Take the test in the provided pre-addressed envelope to the Post Office and mail it back to us via 1st class parcel mail with a tracking number.  Send the following via text or email: 1) Your Name 2) Date of Birth 3) Date test was taken 4) Tracking Number.  Text all 4 pieces of information to 704-796-5631 or email them to  Please keep the receipt with your tracking number.

Note: You either received drug test supplies from Giant Genie Pharmacy or we mailed mailed them to you.  If you did not receive the supplies for any reason, we will charge you $10 for each additional toxicology kit mailed.

You have 72 hours to respond.  This does NOT mean that we need to have your test back in 3 days.  It means you must take the test and put it in the mail in the next 3 days.  Also, please be aware that if you do not respond to this or any compliance request, you will be considered non-compliant.  Three non-compliant results in a row will refer you into the High Intensity Treatment (HIT) Program at an increased monthly cost.

Thank you and keep up the great work!  Remember – take it one day at a time!

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