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Hello there. Dr. Howard here. I believe most of you know who I am. For many of you, this Program has been LIFE CHANGING. For some of you, this Program has been LIFE SAVING.

While it’s good what has transpired for the INDIVIDUAL, it’s now time to evoke a change within the communities.

Along these lines, my colleague, Mr. Louis Fisher and myself had put together a website and reached out to dozens and dozens, into the hundreds really, of the CEOs of our community hospitals. See, Mr. Fisher served 31 years with the DEA. In fact, he was at the DEA and was even friends with the guys that wrote the DEA THREE DAY RULE.

This DEA Three Day Rule was designed to protect each and every one of you, just in case you ever needed treatment by a community hospital for Opioid Dependency or Withdrawal. This DEA Three Day Rule was backed by one of our most powerful FEDERAL LAWS CALLED EMTALA.

Together, these two laws- the DEA Three Day Rule And EMTALA were designed to protect you the citizen and give you a guaranteed right to a three day supply of Buprenorphine if you were ever in Opioid Withdrawal.

Well. I think we all know that the hospitals ignored both our people and the Federal Law.But as a nonprofit, we have options. And we have some power. As a nonprofit, we are able to serve as a go-between for you, the hospital, and the Attorney. If you feel your EMTALA rights were violated, that is to say, if you went to the hospital for help with either Opioid Withdrawal or Overdose AND YOU WERE NOT STARTED ON SUBOXONE/Buprenorphine, contact us immediately. It doesn’t matter how long ago this occurred.

All we need is your say-so and permission. With your permission, we can obtain the hospital records and review your case. This is the only way we can institute the needed changes.

By working with us, you can remain completely anonymous. No one will know your name. If we Review your records and find you have a good case, we already have an Attorney team we are working with. If there is a settlement, you will get your share. The Attorney will take a fee. We will take a fee. The rest is yours. Our share will allow us to lower the monthly fee for everyone. Most importantly, we will change the behavior of the hospitals. Federal Law will be followed. People will get help.

Thank you.

Click or tap here and let’s get started together.  COMPLETE MY EMTALA FORM NOW

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  • If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911
  • If you need to contact our clinical staff, please call 800.969.8774 and choose the department you would like to speak to
  • To schedule an appointment, please call 800.969.8774 Ext 1 


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  • For questions about prescriptions or if you are calling form a pharmacy, please press 1
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