Our Program

The goal of our program is to provide Suboxone® and supportive therapies available to everyone.  We accomplish this through a combination of telemedicine, store and forward videos, text messaging and our own smartphone apps.  We realized that, at first, this might be overwhelming and a bit confusing.


  1. You must have a smartphone and a data connection in order to participate in our program
  2. The monthly cost of the program is $200. However, you can get started by paying $100 month for your first 2 weeks.


 Here’s breakdown of our treatment program and cost of each step:


There are six steps to complete before your first emergency prescription is sent to your local pharmacy. All six steps can be completed at home and through your smartphone. Don’t have a smartphone? get one.


STEP 1: Watch the introductory video to our program here (Coming soon). After watching the video, If you think you are a good candidate for the program, please continue to step 2


STEP 2: On-line registration
There are over 100 very detailed questions concerning your drug use history, medical history, mental history, treatment history, and other important details required to establish the diagnosis of opioid dependency and the need for treatment. time: It takes about 45 minutes to complete this step.


STEP 3: Asynchronous Telemedicine
There are six separate provider videos for you to watch and participate with by answering a series of questions following each video. These videos are very important and contain the information you must know in order to begin suboxone safely and effectively. It takes about 45 minutes to complete this step.


STEP 4: Narcotics agreement / Informed consent
This is a series of statements and conditions you must read and be in agreement with in order to participate in our program. Time: It takes about 15 minutes to complete this step.


STEP 5: Payment
No insurance, Medicare and Medicaid included, recognizes a program as innovative as this one. We are, unfortunately, required to operate on a cash basis. We can assist you with payment options.
Additionally, on a weekend or holiday, an initial, emergency prescription can now be called into your pharmacy after your record has been reviewed by our medical director and team.


STEP 6: Download our apps
We have two separate apps that will need to be downloaded onto your smartphone:
1. The meeting app: This app allows you to join our provider, counselor, pastor, and case management meetings easily and privately. You never need an appointment as these meetings are broadcast live every day except weekend and holidays

2. The Daily app: This app will wake up on your smartphone every day at 9 am. The app will remind you of our 4 daily broadcasts live every weekday:

• Counselor at 10:00 AM

• Case Management at 12:00 Noon

• Doctor at 2:00 PM

• Pastor at 5:30 PM

You will never need an appointment. The app will also remind you how to access our 24/7/365 emergency counselor line. Suddenly in a crisis? Slipping towards a relapse? We are here with you, every second of every day.


STEP 7: Synchronous Telemedicine (except holidays and weekends)
Every weekday at 2 pm, our intake physician and medical director broadcasts live to address patient’s questions and concerns via a secure and HIPPA compliant manner. Your privacy is protected. One on one, private communication is possible. You will be downloading an app onto your smartphone to allow this communication. Physician communication is available for all at 2 pm Monday thru Friday. You will never need an appointment to see the doctor. You need never miss work or even need to leave your home. No one needs to know.

You will now be contacted via text by a licensed medical professional to schedule a home visit and physical examination. No additional prescribing will take place without this required action. Toxicology (drug screening) and a pill count will take place during this visit.



  • Maximum daily dosage for this program is 16 mgm buprenorphine. We will not exceed this dosage. Please don’t even ask as there are no exceptions to this rule. ever.
  • No Subutex will be prescribed except for pregnant patients under pre-natal care. again, don’t even ask.
  •  If you are currently taking any Benzodiazepine, you will have 90 days to taper off.
  • If you are attempting to obtain medication to abuse, sell, or trade, go someplace else. We are very strict on pill counts and toxicology. If you are not serious about your recovery, please, don’t waste our time or yours. If you are serious about recovery, we will help you any and every way that we can.
  • The provider reserves the right to change the form, dosage and/or frequency of buprenorphine/naloxone at any time to reflect changes in a patients treatment plan


What can I expect my second two weeks in the program?

It is our hope, that during your first two weeks in our program you engage with our medical director, counselors, pastor, and case managers. It is our hope that you begin a daily interaction with our broadcasts as you begin your journey in your recovery.

We do make it a requirement, that before you enter your second week of treatment, you have had a minimum of three live encounters with the medical director and at least two live encounters with either the counselor or pastor. Remember, these encounters are broadcast live on a schedule every day except weekends and holidays.

Our medical director, Dr. George Raad, is involved in the induction of every new patient into our practice. Once induction is completed, you will be transferred over to one of our maintenance providers. you are still welcomed in any and every daily broadcast by our medical director. In fact, if an issue arises, we prefer you notify us through your daily app and then attend the next scheduled medical director broadcast. Of course, if a true emergency occurs, don’t wait and seek immediate medical attention.

Transfer to a maintenance provider is, again, a series of provider videos and questions. The maintenance providers also broadcast live and you will be required to attend at least one broadcast every 28 days.

But the good news is everything can be accomplished through your smartphone allowing you both privacy and convenience.


On a daily basis, your app will wake up at 9 am on your smartphone. If you are sleeping, mute your phone. The app will both remind you of the daily broadcasts and ask you if you have any questions specific to the counselor, case manager, medical director, or pastor (including prayer requests).

The app will also remind you daily of the ability to reach a trained mental health provider 24/7/365 through the phone number provided by the app.

On a weekly basis, two videos and a set of questions will be sent to your smartphone. One of these videos is provided by our medical director. The other video is provided by one of our counselors. It is a requirement these videos be watched and the questions answered. Failure to complete these videos before your next prescribing date will result in a delay in your prescription.

Every 28 days, the following are program requirements for everyone:

  • Minimum two live counseling or pastoral care broadcast sessions through your smartphone
  • One live broadcast session with your maintenance provider (private sessions available)
  • Pill count if requested (yes, through your smartphone)
  • Drug screen if requested (oral fluid self-collected at home and returned to us via mail)
  • We call in a prescription to your community pharmacy every 28 days.

NOTE: Failure to complete any required task will place you in our “count down program”. We will only call in a partial prescription to your pharmacy until you are back in compliance. Yes, we will take the count down all the way down to two doses. Just stay in compliance.