• Do I need a smart phone and dependable access to the internet for my treatment?
    Yes. You must have a smartphone and internet access to be in our program
  • Does the doctor’s visit cover my prescription cost as well?
    No. your prescription cost is separate from your visit
  • Can I work out a payment plan?
    Absolutely. Please call us at 800-969-8774 x1 and we can discuss payment options for your treatment
  • How does the program work?
    Please click here to learn about our comprehensive program
  • Does your program take insurance, Medicare and/or Medicaid?
    No insurance, Medicare and Medicaid included, recognizes a program as innovative as this one. We are, unfortunately, required to operate on a cash basis. We can assist you with payment options.
  • I prefer Subutex. Can I get Subutex?
  •  Suboxone® gave me sores in my mouth. Can I get Subutex?
  •  Suboxone® gave me headaches. Can I get Subutex?
  •  Suboxone® gave me a rash? Can I get Subutex?
  •  I have a Suboxone® allergy. Can I get Subutex?
  •  I need more than 16 mgm/day. Can I get a higher dose?
  •  I’m already on a higher dosage, can I transfer to your program and keep my dosage above 16 mgm/day?
  • I’m on a benzodiazepine prescribed by another provider. Does this allow me to continue my benzodiazepine beyond your 90-day mandatory taper for benzodiazepines?
  •  Is counseling required to be in the program?